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Never hought that I would ever be `head-hunted`, but apparently, I am being, so I thought that I would extol the virtues of being a independent Manchester escort. Although I consider myself to be very much a people-person with great communication skills, I do enjoy the luxury of being a lone-operator when it comes to managing my own affairs. Being a strong independent woman (feel a song coming on) has given me the confidence to be my own person, I rather enjoy the idea of being master of my own destiny and steering my own ship. That must be down to the fact that I have always been a free spirit and have nurtured that particular trait over the years. I do appreciate that being a team-player has its own merits, and if I was in any other line of business, then that would be a great asset, but as an escort, making my own decisions and having control of my working life suits my personality perfectly. I feel that when you are a strong, independent woman, then you have the aura of confidence, that is not to be confused with arrogance - a very fine line, and one that I hope never to cross. Strength of character comes from such independence and as an escort, such a trait in a person can also give others confidence too. Had a very interesting date recently whereby my language skills came into play and I surprised myself at how well I managed to converse - in Spanish no less. Now I do not consider myself to be bi-lingual at all, but can manage a polite conversation in Spanish although it was rather basic, even so, suffice to say the evening went really well considering - we managed to overcome the language barrier. Another skill to add to my CV. Joking apart, it was nice to be able to communicate and to enjoy the evening without any embarrassing silences. Having travelled extensively and having family and friends living in Spain, that has certainly helped my understanding of the language, certainly enough to get by with and to be comfortable in restaurants when ordering food. That`s always handy, a girl has to eat after all. Hope that you have all enjoyed these last few days, we did get a little bit of an Indian Summer at last, really did feel like I was back in Spain. Take care all and hoping to hear from you soon, luv Anna x

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Hi Welcome to my site..firstly let me introduce myself, my name is Anna-Aroma Manchester Escort.

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